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Utility and Power Generation Equipment Calibration

Calibration is critical in the utility and power industry, where precision and accuracy are paramount to specific industry compliance standards.

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Safeguard your Utility and Power Generation Equipment with Probata.

Our knowledgeable technicians guarantee proper functioning and maintenance of pressure and temperature sensors and flow and power meters for accurate generator readings and unparalleled equipment performance.


Probata’s state-of-the-art calibration equipment ensures compliance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

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Probata offers quick, trustworthy Utility and Power Generation Calibration.

We offer comprehensive, custom services and fast turnaround times. Our technicians maximize efficiency by combining utility and power generation calibration and repairs whenever possible.

Interested in Utility and Power Generation Calibration Services?

Reach out today for a quote from an experienced Probata technician regarding utility and power generation equipment calibration.

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