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Telecommunications Calibration

Probata’s instrument calibration and repair services help customers in telecommunications industries optimize transmission and minimize costly interruptions.

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Maintain peak performance and rapidly resolve service interruptions with Probata.

Telecom calibration plays a vital role in building and maintaining high-quality communication infrastructures. Probata certifies the performance and accuracy of telecommunications instruments to safeguard your systems and extend the life of your equipment.


We specialize in network frequencies, power levels, and communication equipment, including test sets and fault locators. Our experienced technicians help you navigate rapid developments in your industry to ensure compliance with quality requirements and telecommunications regulations.

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Probata provides fast, comprehensive telecom calibration, with expedited service options available.

We provide flexible, timely solutions based on your needs and specifications. Whenever possible, our technicians work to minimize disruption by combining calibration and repair services.


The average turnaround time for lab services is 7-10 business days. For one, three, or five-day turnaround, request expedited service. You’ll hear from us in 24 to 48 hours.

Safeguard Your Signal Transmission with Probata.

Our accredited calibration lab offers convenient delivery service options and free pickup and delivery in the OKC and Tulsa areas. For recurring, scheduled instrument calibration at your facility, request on-site calibration.

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