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Pharmaceutical Equipment Calibration

Probata certifies the quality, accuracy, and compliance of pharmaceutical equipment used in research, development, and manufacturing processes.

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Precise measuring instruments are essential for producing safe, effective pharmaceutical products.

Probata performs industry-leading calibration of pharmaceutical instruments to ensure quality control and compliance with federal regulations. 


Our capabilities include weighing balances, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, and a full spectrum of instrumentation calibration.

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Get fast, reliable pharmaceutical equipment calibration with Probata.

Our knowledgeable technicians provide expert feedback and clear, complete documentation to help you navigate changes in healthcare law and the pharmaceutical industry. 


All of our calibration services are ISO 17025 accredited and traceable to the SI through a National Metrology Institute such as NIST. 

Expedited Service Options Available

Probata tailors solutions to your operational needs to provide quality service with minimal disruption. The average turnaround time for lab services is 7-10 business days. For one, three, or five-day turnaround, request expedited service. You’ll hear from us within 24 to 48 hours.

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