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Repair Services

Probata’s knowledgeable technicians provide the support you need to navigate equipment issues with minimal stress and downtime. Reach out to us early and often with questions about repairs.

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Combining Calibration and Repairs

Our technicians often identify needed repairs at the time of calibration. If we can perform the repairs in-house or on-site, we will provide a comprehensive quote and estimated turnaround time. For efficiency, we combine calibration and repairs whenever possible.

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Get Help Navigating Repairs 

If your equipment is malfunctioning, call or email us. In some cases, we can assess the problem at our accredited calibration lab and provide a quote. When we cannot repair your equipment, we will advise you on next steps.

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Your Partners in Prevention

Maintaining a consistent calibration schedule allows our technicians to identify and correct issues before they become major repairs. Reach out to us to schedule calibration services today.

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