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Mobile Calibration Services

Eliminate hassle, minimize downtime, and avoid shipping costs with on-site service by our expert technicians. We perform most on-site calibration services in our custom-engineered calibration trailers to simplify safety protocols and minimize disruption to our customers.

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Exterior view of the Probata office with a Probata van and Mobile Calibration trailer attached to a heavy-duty truck.

Custom-Built Mobile Calibration Trailers

Built to accommodate numerous industries, our durable, custom-engineered trailers come fully equipped with diesel generators, full spray foam insulation, heated floors, and various safety features to ensure that they are operated as efficiently as possible.

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Inside view of the Probata Mobile calibration station. A rectangular room with chairs, desks, testing equipment, and organized cables.

How It Works

Probata’s mobile calibration services keep your instruments accurate and optimized with seamless service. Our technicians will provide you with  a comprehensive quote and estimated turnaround time. Reach out to us to schedule calibration services today.

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Mobile Calibration Services for Aviation + Aerospace

One of our specialties is aviation-related work. Not airplanes but test equipment that technicians use to do maintenance on aircraft: torch wrenches, electronics gear to check altimeters in the cockpit or airspeed indicators.

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