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Aviation + Aerospace Calibration

Probata provides calibration services for all segments of the aerospace industry to ensure safety, accuracy, and compliance with federal regulations.

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Airplane deck instruments and knobs

Accurate instruments and precise measurements save lives in aviation and aerospace.

In a field where small deviations from standards can have life-altering consequences, be sure to work with calibration specialists you trust. Probata’s world-class calibration services ensure that aircraft, tools and components achieve and maintain compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. 


Probata technicians have an average experience level of more than 12 years. Our Quality Control department reviews the documentation of every calibration service we perform.

Picture of an engine turbine on a commercial arirplane

Probata serves hobbyists, major commercial airlines, and national helicopter maintenance companies.

We perform calibration services and repairs on a broad range of avionics test equipment, tools and aircraft components and systems:


  • Altimeter Test Sets
  • Transponder Test Sets
  • Ramp Test Sets
  • NAV Test Sets
  • Comm Ramp Test Sets
  • Cable Tensiometers
  • VOR
  • Physical Dimensional Calibration
  • ILS
  • Flow Calibration
  • Pitot Static Testers
  • EGT/CHT Testers
  • Turbine Test Sets
  • Other Aviation Tool Calibration Services
Aeronautical mechanics working on a single-engine plane

Keep Flights Safe, Reliable and Compliant with Industry Standards.

Probata’s central location and competitive pricing make our accredited calibration lab a go-to resource for aerospace customers across the U.S. We also service major commercial airlines straight from the tarmac in our custom-engineered calibration trailers.

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Get industry-leading avionics calibration

Probata’s aviation and aerospace calibration services keep your instruments accurate and optimized throughout their life. Request a quote to learn whether in-house services or on-site calibration are right for you.

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